I am from California and just moved to New York about a year ago. I hostess at an Irish gastropub, Tara Rose in Kips Bay. I have one ESA cat.

Roommate Perk

I do happen to make a mean chocolate chip cookie, but I love to make lemon bars. I have lived with many roommates before so I feel experienced in being courteous and respectful to those I live with. Healthy and productive communication is very important to me, as is maintaining the cleanliness of my space- both personal and communal.

Ideal roommate

I believe I could be roommates with just about anyone, even if we’re not the most compatible as friends. An ideal roommate is open to communication and problem solving and keeps their areas well maintained. In other words, if there is an issue with our living experience I would like to take the time to resolve it peacefully. I also value spending time maintaining cleanliness in communal spaces, meaning taking care of dishes and messes in the living area, etc. That being said, I am really open to compromise on anything! What matters most to me is that we can live together without drama or tension.

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