I am 26 year old PhD candidate in Biochemistry. Originally from Mumbai but have been living in NYC since 2013. I usually busy with my research or teaching duties and am only home during weekday evenings. When I am home I like to unwind by cooking/baking and binge watching Netflix. I am an ambivert and would love to be friends with my roommates but would also understand/appreciate the need for space. I am also pretty low key so if I do bring the party home it would be for a chill dinner or wine night type of thing. I am calm, considerate and kind so always down to lend a helping hand if needed!

Roommate Perk

I’ll only be home during the weekdays evening and nights so almost never home! when I am home I love to cook/bake with lots of left over to share!

Ideal roommate

My idea roommate would be someone who is easy going and low drama. I am open to any genders but would like them to be in their late 20s to mid 30s. Can be student or professional. I am not a neat freak but would appreciate a clean common area

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