Hello! My name is Anna and I am from Buffalo, New York! I am in my senior year of college at Mercy College on West 34th Street studying International Business. I just recently got back to New York after being quarantined in Italy the past year! Currently I work at a vintage dress shop in my hometown but ideally would like to be working in a refugee agency by the end of next year. I love reading and studying new things, especially Arabic language and Islamic studies. I love to go out and explore new neighborhoods, foods, and events! Coffee is my best friend whom you’ll probably find me studying with at all times lol. Meeting new people and learning new cultures/backgrounds has always been an interest of mine…I love good conversations! Some days i’m super energetic and wanting to do anything and everything, and other days I am comfortable just relaxing and staying at home. In general I would say that I am a very easy going person that is just trying to find her way like everybody else!

Roommate Perk

As for perks, I would say that I am always ready to try new things. I am interested in learning new perspectives and ways of life so it makes me super eager to get out of my comfort zone and explore. From trying new foods (btw I love cooking!), attending community events, or simply listening to someone talk about something i’ve never known before is super interesting to me. So if any roommates were looking for someone to go and try news things out in the city, I would always say yes if the time permitted it! I guess another perk would be that I enjoy staying active. So if any roommates want to go try out a new sport, head to the park, or simply go for a walk around the block…I would be up for that! Inside the apartment, I tend to keep things on the neater side and don’t mind tidying up the kitchen after a meal. I hope someone finds these perks slightly interesting aha!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommates would be all female. General cleanliness is always a good thing to have. I tend to keep my space neat, especially in the kitchen. I am interested in people who are open minded, looking to grow as individuals, and who are genuinely kind and not seeking out problems. I feel as though I’m easy going and can’t think of many deal breakers. As long as everyone is respectful and supports one another, that would be amazing! I am pet friendly too btw!

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