Hi All. My name is Anna. I’m a recent college grad with a bachelor in BME. I’m currently working multiple jobs, having internships, and volunteering in various health care setting in the hope to build my resume for med school. I’m very quiet, clean, and no drama. I appreciate and understand the importance of respecting and being mindful of each other especially when we are sharing space. To me, My home is my sanctuary. After a long dat of work, I would hope to be able to rest at a place that can give me peace and make me feel safe. On my day off, which rarely happens, all I want to do is SLEEP and just chill with my 13 yo cats in my room, watch movie, read, listen to music, maybe cooking, and if energy and weather permit, go outside for an adventure, hiking, rowing, rescue animals, good food, and try out activities I have done before. I’m definitely open to game night once in awhile too. LOVE BROAD GAMES~! and just chatting and get to know people. LGBTQ+ friendly and black lives matter.

Roommate Perk

The perks of having roommates, I love to learn form each other, doesn’t matter if it’s cooking, music, movies, language, culture, or anything else. I think every one is special in their own unique way and I just love to get to know more about a person. Also, I don’t need to panic if I forgot my key. XD

The perks of having me as ur roommate is that I’m busy so you won’t see me much. I also brought food ALL THE TIME (e.g. A whole watermelon to share). I also like to organize and clean (for the sake of destressing sometime). On top of those, I have an open mindset and also am a good listener while also having a tight lip. I have been though a lot, so I understand sometime, we just need a pair of ears and a good heart. I can be talkative sometime but I’m also capable of shutting up. I will also look out for you. I am also very direct and communicative, and definitely open to talk. I think majority of the things can be worked out with a good faith conversation. That’s why I am not a big fan of drama and I’m bad at guessing people.

Ideal roommate

My idea roommate will probably be:
Most Most important:
1. Be nice to my cats. He is my baby. He and I went through so much together. He is just very special to me. They will mostly stay in my room tho expect maybe at night when I’m home so that they can get their exercise and zoom a little.
2. No smoking in the apartment. I get watery and itching red eyes and cough when I smell certain smoke. I know one specific tobacco will make me unable to breath, but I was never able to figure out which one.

Have a mature mindset. (age doesn’t matter)
Have a job so they understand how the world works.
Value common sense, respect, and being mindful of others.
Prefer all female household, but am open if circumstance required.
Minimum guest and will definitely appreciate a heads-up when there is a stranger male in the house. (I don’t want to walk out in PJ and scared the both of us XD).
LGBTQ+ friendly and black lives matter.

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