Hi, I’m Anna Rose! I am 23 years old, from Queens. I’m a recent grad school graduate and work in Sales and Marketing within the Hotel industry in Manhattan. I have a zest for adventure and whimsical nature. I would say that I am a warm and open person. I enjoy game nights, movies, and food centered outings. I’m your roomie if you’re looking to kick back at home, order Chinese, and vent.

Roommate Perk

I am a quiet and respectful roommate, considerate of communal areas and boundaries.
I live cooperatively and positively contribute to our little space. I make the effort to form a relationship with fellow roommates.
I’m also super good at vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing if that helps.

Ideal roommate

I am looking for a kind and courteous person to share a clean and cozy apartment with. Out of a roommate situation, I would potentially like to become friends with who I’m living with, maybe order in food, have a drink, or coffee, and be able to have a chill night in the living area or go for an outing or little adventure. I am respectful of space and solitude but I don’t really want to just hide out in my room, and the perfect scenario would be a roommate that is open to conversation and interaction. Open minded individuals preferred.

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