I’m a very laidback person and love to do just about anything. Exploring new topics and activities is almost always fun and a good benefit of the city. At home I like to watch Netflix and sports, play board games and cards (I’m a sucker for blackjack), cook, and laugh. On pets I don’t have any, but I love animals and am pretty cool with roommates that have them. When I go out I can have a few drinks, but not very often. I have fun sober and like to go to bars just to joke around and meet people. Overall, I’m down for most anything.

Roommate Perk

Well I’m a good cook, and I will do the dishers. I cook just about anything, usually with a good amount of spice, but I have the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I actually worked in a cookie shop so I’ve got the secrets on how to make them perfectly. I would actually love roommates who’d want to split groceries and have meals together, it really brings the cost down.

Ideal roommate

I’m not too picky, I guess I would just like roommates who are down to have fun and relax, maybe support each other on occasion. I don’t have a gender preference and I am LBGTQ friendly.

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