Born in Hawaii, grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and been in the New York area for the past 5 years! I did my undergraduate at Vassar and studied music, as well as drama, a variety of foreign languages (Spanish, German, French, and Italian), and environmental studies. I’m big into sustainability, reading and writing, getting out in nature, classical music, and the arts in general. I worked last year as an administrative apprentice at Juilliard, and am now interviewing for other admin positions. I also sing in a couple of pro choirs and love it!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommate perk is that I have a ton of connections in the performing arts and often get free tickets to plays, operas, and concerts. Roomies get first dibs to come with! I also am a great listener and give A+ massages, if that’s ever of interest.

Ideal roommate

Any gender is good! LGBT+ friendly is essential. I’d love someone who’s looking to make our apartment a sanctuary from hectic city life. I’m not a neat freak by any means, but do love to keep things tidy and organized and hope my roommate will too. A party now and then is okay, but most weekends I’d prefer we keep the apartment pretty quiet, maybe inviting a few friends over and all chatting over dinner. Board games and movies are fun too. Basically, I’m looking for centered roommates who are excited to connect, but also down to keep things calm overall!

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