I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY (go Bills!). I enjoying running, yoga, hiking, going out to eat with friends, and exploring new places! I’m pretty adventurous and am open to trying new things. I currently work as a as daycare teacher and love to Work with kids. I’m moving to NYC to get my masters at Fordham and am excited to have the chance to explore the city more!

Roommate Perk

I love making food for other people! I also really enjoy grocery shopping and would be willing to grocery shop for the entire apartment if everyone chipped in. I think it’s important to keep shared spaces (I.e., kitchen, bathroom, living room) clean.

Ideal roommate

Things I’m looking for in a roommate
-keeps shared spaces clean (I don’t personally care what your room looks like as I feel as though the room is your private space)
-I would like to have at least one day as week where we could sit down and have dinner together if possible

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