Hello, I am ariel magallon, I am originally from LA but i moved out here for a change in environment and to further my career. I attend Adelphi University an am studying Criminal Justice, with a double major political science with a minor in sociology. I am a dancer, i love fashion, working out, walks, reading and listening to music. I currently work at a family business owned car shop, as well as a paralegal position for DNIS law, and i work at a warehouse when I need the extra income. I want to be a lawyer. I am very non-chalant. I am a libra 🙂

Roommate Perk

I am a great listener, people feel comfortable around me, I can both give space and be clingy, i can cook, I am A GREAT CLEANER (kinda have ocd), I give good advice and help those who need me

Ideal roommate

I would expect someone to be clean, 50/50, open-minded, not rude, manners, not in my business, i am LGBT friendly, understanding, hard working, motivated, fun, easygoing, willing to be my friend and in my presence, who likes animals because i would love to have a dog.

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