I am a recent graduate from Columbia University, and I graduated last year in 2020 with a bachelor’s in architecture and urban planning. I am currently an architectural engineer working on the LGA redevelopment project! I enjoy visiting museums and learning about art and history or exploring food from different cultures or in various parts of the city. I’m into photography, reading, and taking walks. I consider myself a very peaceful person. Nevertheless, I am super laid back and open to socializing, and I’m always down for a good conversation when possible. That being said, I am not looking for friends but more so respectful people to live with who are simply clean. I don’t have other restrictions really except being mindful of late night noise and staying organized. I work from 6:30AM to 2:30PM so it would be nice to come home to a chill, peaceful place!

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#NeverHome, #SuperClean, #AmazingCook

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No dealbreakers except cleanliness and respect!

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