Hi! I am from Los Angeles, CA. I recently just graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a B.S in Biological Sciences. I am currently doing a gap year or two to work in the city as a Research Technician at Memorial Sloan Kettering. For fun, I love gymming, photography (such as film photography), listening and discovering new music, thrifting, exploring new places in the city, hiking and simply traveling and going out whenever I can and meet new people! I don’t have pets but totally ok with living with one 🙂

Roommate Perk

Love to clean, usually not always home, share my food/snacks with everyone

Ideal roommate

My ideal roomate could be of any gender. As long as they are respectful, talkative, kind, clean for the most part and friendly and willing to hang out with me, I am happy with that. I am pretty flexible so I would like a roommate that’s also very flexible. I also don’t mind loud people

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