Hey, I’m Asher! I’m in my 20’s, originally from Northern VA (20ish mins from Washington, DC). I was working in Tech and now moving careers towards Real Estate/Marketing. I work out 5X a week, enjoy going out to grab drinks with friends, trying new restaurants, and always on the hunt for good recommendations for anything new to do. Fun, chill, and very easy to live with.

Roommate Perk

My #roomateperk would definitely be that I might be the cleanest person anyone will ever live with, my past roommates this year actually gave me that acknowledgment. I’m a strong believer that how your space looks always effects your mood/mental health so a clean & organized space is crucial. This entire past year my rent has never been late!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone who always pays rent on time, so there’s never a need to have awkward conversations. Someone whose very clean and considerate of keeping the common areas (bathroom/kitchen/etc) clean. I’m super understanding of anything/anyone’s situation as long as there’s clear communication on both ends. Ideally would love someone whose easy to socialize with and respects each other’s space.

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