My name is Ashley Lewis, my friends call me (Lewie). I am 26 years old. I am a cancer zodiac sign. I am a really chill, laid back kind of person. I can also be super fun and lively. I love soft music , some of my favorite artists are Bryson Tiller, Summer walker, Sabrina Claudio, Lana Del Rey, Giveon to name a few. I love to go on mini adventures in the city. My favorite place to pass time when I’m not at work is The Highline park on 14th street. If I am not working or exploring the city I am working out, going for a run or headed to Fort Hamilton Gym on the base in Brooklyn. For the past year I have been working at AHRC as a DSP. My role is taking care of developmentally disabled adults take care of their daily lives and learn independence. I chose this career path because I want to open up a clinic for children and young adults diagnosed with mental disadvantages in the near future. I also would love to be a couples therapist or a therapist for young adults. I also am in the New York National Guard currently completing AIT in Virginia. My job for the military is in the logistics field. This is going on my second year in the military I will be a specialist in January and hopefully commission to a Officer once I complete my degree. I currently don’t have any pets but I love animals and don’t have any allergies to them. I am super friendly, I love to clean.

Roommate Perk

My #roomateperk is I love to clean! I also like to be keep myself busy so I won’t always be home. I also love to go out to eat so I know some of the best spots in the city.

Ideal roommate

The number one quality for an ideal roommate would be someone who is respectful and considerate! Also someone who is friendly and wants a roommate that loves to clean because I love to clean!

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