I am originally from Brooklyn and I moved to Staten Island when I was 8 years old. I attend Brooklyn College as a Sophomore so this is why I am deciding to move, I would like to be closer to my school. I worked as a waitress for a long time, up until September. I decided to take a break from work and explore my interests. So, I ended up doing some campaign work which paid very well but I did not enjoy it and I tutored kids which I liked. I have been working since I was 15 years old so I thought a break was justified as I was very confused about what I wanted to pursue. I received a nice financial aid package and scholarships so that is why I was able to take a break from a job (even though I still worked). I plan on returning to a more steady job when I move because I would like to have enough for leisure activities as well.

Roommate Perk

I am a great listener! I love game nights and I love to cook. I can also be as quiet as a mouse if needed, I am very neat and organized. If there is a mess in my room or area I can not think straight.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is kind and empathetic. I would also like a good listener and someone that is understanding.

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