Heyo, I am a recent grad who just moved to NYC for work. I am a social person and like to be out and about whenever I can. As a roommate, I am easy to get along with and will give any tv show you watch a fair chance. I am most definitely a neat freak but I am also courteous, meaning that I will respect your space and style of living as long as I do not have to organize and clean your mess in the common area. I don’t have any pets yet but I am absolutely open to having one as long as its not a reptile. They disgust me! UGH!

Roommate Perk

– I am ultra responsible and dependable
– You will get to play around in VR as that is my field of work
– I do not cook very often but if I do you are absolutely welcome to it. I can give a lot of Indian restaurants out there a run for their money

Ideal roommate

As long as you are clean, courteous and do not burn the apartment down, we’ll be good!

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