Heyo, I’m a Los Angeles native, grew up around the water really taking in a lot of the city and the beaches. Big on surfing and longboarding. I go to college in Utah, but recently applied to transfer to FIT (fingers crossed they accept, woo!).
Being pretty fresh to the city, I’ve enjoyed observing and living the difference between the west and east coast by throwing myself into the civic engagement and campaign realm. My main reason for deciding to make the move was because of a candidate I currently work with. I’m primarily a Creative and currently studying Advertising, Marketing, and Communications while working various creative jobs, including an ad agency.
My specialty centers around videography and graphic design, so art pretty much bleeds into every aspect of my life, as I grew up in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. But besides longboarding, videography, and graphic design I really enjoy taking walks, reading books at parks, painting, and binging Marvel tv shows and movies.

Roommate Perk

I really want to make the apartment feel like a home, so I’m really into interior designing 🙂
I find that whenever I move into a new space I do small things for roommates to make them feel more welcome, less homesick, or make the space feel like ours instead of just a place to go to bed at night.
Though I don’t want to be overbearing so I usually do something small and ask first, it’s hardly ever a big gesture.
In short, just making the space feel like a place we are excited to come home to.

Ideal roommate

An ideal roommate is just really anyone who is kind and open-minded. I grew up in a pretty intense religious upbringing and trying to disassociate from that faith I purposefully surround myself with various kinds of people, though I don’t mind having religious roommates.
Having a roommate who generally respects the space and will contribute their energy and efforts to maintaining the space and general respect for the time of day (ex: not blasting music late at night when everyone’s trying to sleep).
I would say I get along with most people though, with no preference for gender either, it would be a plus if they happen to be into the arts or are creative 🙂

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