I’m born and raised in Manhattan. I’m such a city girl, I’m always rushing out the door and I’m always that person who walks super fast in the streets of NYC. I went to undergrad for dance in SUNY Potsdam. I was not the biggest fan of the small town life but I pushed myself every semester. I am currently a dance teacher in a charter school in Brooklyn. I love my students, some may say I’m funny and some may say I am strict. I also love to travel and learn about different cultures. I was blessed to work overseas twice, Spain and China. I love languages and just being a student of life. I’ve been vegan for 3 years and started practicing Judaism this past year.
No pets

Roommate Perk

My #1 roommate perk is that I am a neat freak and like to keep things clean and tidy. Once I am done with cooking or eating I will wash the dishes and clean up my space. I enjoy baking, so I’d like to think that is a perk because the apartment will smell amazing! I am a good listener and respectful to peoples space. If you want to chat about something I’ll be there for you and if you also need your space, I understand that too. I am not home during the day so that does give my future roommates time for themselves. I speak Spanish and I think that always come in handy when it comes to communication. Another perk of mine if music, I love to listen to every kind of music and in any language! My last perk is that I love to decorate! I usually decorate my bedroom but if my roomies are okay with me bringing the decor to the common area, I def will! I’m very festive and I like to decorate according to the holidays! Example: Fall, Xmas, New Years, Valentines.

Ideal roommate

I’m looking for respectful roommates and considerate roommates. The days I have to wash my hair for some reason it takes me an entire hour but I will be the one to communicate with my roomie, “hey I’m going to be in the bathroom for a while, do you need to use the bathroom?” I would like someone who will pitch in money for the cleaning supplies, (hoping that it will be our agreement) such as the dish detergent, the toilet paper, the hand soap etc. My deal breaker is people that smoke, I don’t like the smell and my previous roomie used to smoke indoors and it was super uncomfortable.
I would like a roomie who would be open to communication. I would like to express that although my school (work place) starts and ends at different times than the normal public school, I would appreciate roomies that respect my time when I have to go to sleep and when I have to get up. For example, I know I have to wake up at 4am on Mondays through Thursdays and I would be considerate of others during that time when I have to get ready. I work remotely on Fridays which I would require my roomies to respect hours when I am going live because my live sessions are being recorded.

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