I’ve been in nuc for around 4 years now, but I’m originally from Iowa, from there went to Hawaii to serve 5 years in the Marine Corps, spent a year in California when I got out, and then came out here. I have an associates of science and am working on a double bachelor in biology and Asian Studies at CCNY which I’ll be finishing up in May. I’m trying to get into medical school so I study alot when I’m not working. I work for uber eats right now, but I just passed my EMT course over the summer and am about to take the state written exam to become an EMT as my second job.
When I’m not working or studying I enjoy exploring the city for something new, or to take the train upstate to go hike, or if I’m on a budget I just take my bike out for a ride. I also enjoy helping put at soup kitchens, particularly holy apostles downtown.
I really like people and want to help improve others personal worlds even if it’s only a little bit.

That’s me, hope to meet you soon!

Roommate Perk

I’m a good listener, I’m handy and enjoy figuring out how to fix things that break, as well as I clean up after myself and try not to let things pile up.

Also when I’m an emt I might end up saving your life lol

Ideal roommate

Being in the military and living in NYC for a few years I’ve learned that I’m not very picky. The only thing that is a must is that my private room is not entered without my permission. Other then that I’m a pretty adaptable individual.

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