I’m Bouba, 30, Senegalese, and I’m moving to NY this month (November 12th). I’m very new to NYC (arrived on Nov 12).
I’m a fashion designer and a business developer. But I’m moving to NY to focus more on the former as I need to grow as a designer but also as an individual.
I’m an ENFP – November Sag (Rising in Sag, Moon in Scorpio).
One of my favorite activities is to explore the city in order to find out what are the best places for burgers and Boba tea.
I love video games, swimming, football (or soccer, as it’s called here), cycling and dancing.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perks:

– I’m a great listener – imagine having a private emotional support at home! Haha
– Also available as a friend and sidekick
– I love grocery shopping and I would at times get small things for my roommates when shopping for myself.
– I can be your personal stylist if need be – and I’m quite good at it
– If you don’t mind doing outdoor activities with your roommate, then I’m your guy
– Last but not leastNever worry about me “accidentally” eating your stuff at the fridge – I never take, eat or use what is not mine.

Ideal roommate

I am very open. I can live with all genders and personalities.
I can connect with anyone, with different levels of affinity depending on how complementary our personality types are.
I am an ENFP – a true free spirit which makes me super open-minded.
All that is required from my roommates is that they are respectful of people and boundaries. Respecting boundaries is extremely important when living together.

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