I am originally from the West African nation of Burkina Faso and has been living and working in the US since 2006. I am currently an Associate Professor of Cinema and Black Studies at the City College of New York where I have been since 2015.
I have no pet. Also, I do not smoke. I usually have so little time left for fun beyond professional commitments, but I like traveling, discovering lesser known stories of the African presence in Harlem, watching highlights of soccer games (Premier league) on my laptop or phone. Attending movie-related events in the city is also fun for me.

Roommate Perk

I am almost never at home, and if I happen to be at home you may not realize it because I am respectful of others’ space and time. Also, I am a good listener and will do my part of cleaning.

Ideal roommate

For my ideal roommate, I have no preference regarding gender, because my focus on whether the person is respectful, open to diversity, and clean.

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