My name is Brandon, I am a 40-year-old GWM. I am originally from Southern Missouri and I have lived in NYC for 13 years. I moved to NYC to begin my interior design career. In 2018 I became a Licensed Master Social Worker. Although Social Work is my passion, I still enjoy and work in the interior design field. I am an excellent roommate! I keep to myself when I am home winding down from my day, but I am an extremely friendly, courteous, considerate, and laid back person. I am very responsible and always pay my bills on time. Although I love animals, I do not have any. I am way too busy for that kind of responsibility. I am not a partier and prefer to live with individuals who keep the party outside. I never bring company home out of respect for my roommates. I prefer to meet friends in the city. I do not smoke and I would expect my roommates to smoke outside due to my asthma. I am a vegetarian and do only light cooking at dinner. I am neat/clean and prefer to share the cleaning duties in shared spaces. In non-pandemic times I am rarely home except to sleep. I work a lot, spend time with friends, do volunteer work, and go to the gym. I am happy to answer any questions potential roommates may have.

Roommate Perk

I am a great listener and love to help others. I do like to bake, but I avoid it because I love to eat sweets way too much. As I mentioned earlier, I am very considerate–I want everyone to enjoy their space and feel comfortable in our home.

Ideal roommate

I do not have a sex or gender preference. I appreciate all cultures and want my roommates to have respect for each others lifestyles. I want my roommates to share expenses fairly and be responsible about paying debts. We all must contribute to the purchase of household supplies. I do not want illegal drugs in my home. If you drink, that’s great. Just drink responsibly. Be respectful of other roommates’ possessions-don’t assume its okay to borrow or use something without asking. Be clean and tidy in shared spaces.

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