My name is Bridget Obeng Boateng. I am an immigrant from Ghana, and I have been living in the United States for what would be my 10th year in November of 2020. I currently work at McDonald’s and I have been working in the corporation for three years. I recently graduated from The City College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a degree in substance abuse counselling (Casac). At the moment I have submitted my documents to New York state to receive my official certificate so that I can start working or interning as a counsellor however, because of our current circumstance, the process is projected to take 3-6 months. I enjoy staying at home and binge-watching Korean drama the most however, I do love going out with my friends into the city. I see myself as being neither an introvert nor an extrovert, I connect well with everyone because of my personality. I do not currently have a pet, but I am beginning to like the company of dogs. I am currently staying with a friend and her roommate has this very adorable dog named Paddles and he is just a charming one.

Roommate Perk

I have never had a roommate before but someone who enjoys free stuff would be my top pick as I am very careful with my spending and seek out free things as much as possible. Someone who enjoys cooking is another favorite of mine. I recently became interested in Korean dishes as well so cooking is starting to become a part of my life that I hope to continue improving and a roommate who loves to do so would be a very big plus. However, whatever interest they have I am definitely interested in learning with them if they permit.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommates would be an all-female household. This is my first time moving out on my own and for some reason I find the safety of an all-female environment to be what I seek. I would love roommates who would be willing to come together and develop a cleaning schedule because cleanliness is a top priority of mine. I do not expect a spotless environment all the time but cleaning up after cooking or doing any work that brings more than usual dirt would help us all prevent roaches and other unwanted things.

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