My name is Britney, and I’m a recent graduate from Harvard College where I studied Sociology and Film. I am originally from Nebraska and moved out to NYC for my summer internship at a refugee resettlement agency and will be starting my paralegal position at a nearby non-profit in mid-August. I’ll be in-person 4x a week and working from home one of those days. I am passionate about human rights work and creating art. I’m mostly a filmmaker but also enjoy painting, ceramics, and photography. I love to cook and have friends over! I enjoy picnics, karaoke, and going out with friends. I’m very laidback and easy to get along with. I can be pretty quiet and keep to myself at first, but I’m pretty friendly and always open to meeting new people. 🙂

Roommate Perk

I’m a great listener and love to cook! You can rant to me while I make you a meal lol

Ideal roommate

I am hoping to be good friends with my roommates, so we can occasionally hang out and have dinners together! I prefer roommates who are tidy and respectful. I don’t mind noise as long as it’s at reasonable times. I would prefer people in their 20s and all females or non-binary, but I’m open to co-ed. My ideal roommate would be down to hang out and chat sometimes but give each other space for alone time.

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