My name is Caitlin. I am 34 and work as a full time social worker in The Bronx. When I am home, I enjoy watching movies, cooking (I cook every day), catching up with my friends and family back home in PA via video chat, taking care of my succulent plants, or chilling with my boyfriend at home.

I moved to NYC for grad school at Fordham in 2015 and have lived here ever since.

Roommate Perk

I am looking for a roomie who is interested in hanging out/making time to hang out with me when I am home i.e. wine nights, cooking dinner together, going out somewhere together. I am OCD about cleanliness/an organized apartment so I would like all of my roommates to also be on my level of clean–a cleaning schedule would be ideal. Lastly, I would like roomies who don’t mind if my boyfriend stays over a few nights out of the month or if I have friends over to the apartment to hang out. (My boyfriend lives in Hoboken so he and I take turns commuting to see each other to keep things fair.

Ideal roommate

I would prefer to live with only female roommates. I am an extrovert and recharge by being around people, so it would be ideal if I also live with outgoing roomies who recharge the same way. Deal breaker would be roommates who do not practice open communication (i.e. saying if something is bothering them) and unwilling to share the cost of commonly used items in the apartment (such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper towels, hand soap, etc.)

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