I was born and raised in Washington until I moved to Texas when I was 12. I just finished school at the University of Washington and wanted to move out to NYC for a change of pace and to push myself towards personal growth by putting myself outside of my comfort zone. I will be working at a Pharmaceutical company called Lilly, as a sales representative. My attitude towards this move is to find personal growth in a balanced manner: I want to have a lot of fun and explore the city whether that be finding cute little coffee shops, cafes, bars, nightlife, and bites, or going to parks or joining some recreational sports teams (big fan of soccer). For fun, I like to read books, hike, go bouldering, have movie and wine nights, hammock, play soccer, snowboard, and pretty much anything with good company. To balance this, my other intention is to learn and get to know my community in a way that also will help lead me to future career goals.

I do not have a pet but I would like to eventually get one after I save up some money and learn how to budget better.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I like keeping a clean common space (aka everywhere that is not my bedroom). I’m very laid back and generally a really good listener. I’ll usually be at work from 8-6 or 9-5ish, and usually always down to hang or chill after that unless I’m exhausted.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would also be new to the city and want to try and explore and some things together. I don’t mind having a roommate of any gender, as long as he/she can keep the common space *****clean***** too. A roommate that is self-aware and cognizant of noise levels (like not being super loud after 12 am on a weekday), and knows personal boundaries. He or she would be down to hangout sometimes by going out or staying in, but also have personal space too. I don’t like passive aggressiveness, and if there are problems I would rather be able to talk them out then keep them pent up and explode later.

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