Hi, I am originally from Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. I went to Buffalo for undergrad and now I am back in Brooklyn. For the past two years I lived in a basement apartment in a private home, but now the owner is selling the place. Currently I work as a public health official for New York City Health and Hospitals. Outside of work I enjoy traveling, exploring the city, finding new coffee places, going to a bar occasionally, or just netflixing. I am typically quiet but friendly. People have sometimes described me as reserved, but that’s before they get to know me. Others have described me as spontaneous and positive. Looking forward to meeting my new potential roommates!

Roommate Perk

I would say I am a great listener. I will do random nice things for you, for example, I might randomly buy you a coffee or leave you a nice message on a sticky note.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone who respects boundaries. I am friendly but I do need my own space sometimes. I’d like someone who is not a neat freak, but wont leave their trash lying around the apartment. Also, I do have some trouble seeing, so ideally I’d like someone who is understanding enough. I wouldn’t need any extra assistance, just more-so understanding that I may miss small details when it comes to cleaning, but I will try by best. Also, someone who is open but respectful with communication.

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