Hello, my name is Cameron. I grew up in Rhode Island and moved to the city in 2016 for undergrad and I recently just finished up my masters in Psychology. I enjoy reading, watching TV/films, hiking, crafts, and occasionally baking.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that I am extremely quiet! I’m an introvert and like to mostly be in my room socially recharging when I’m at home, but am definitely open to roommate activities/getting a drink. I also have craft supplies (paints, embroidery, jewelry) and am happy to share. I have a decent amount of communal stuff, like a vacuum, shelves, pots, pans, baking stuff, and possibly a couch. I also have a lot of tools! So no need to go out and buy a drill, bits, sandpaper, clamps, a tape measure etc. for any project or shelf hanging.

Ideal roommate

I am looking for quiet and respectful roommates. I’m happy with occasional guests and small parties/get-togethers, but I do not want continuously revolving guests, continuous loud music/noise, or weekly ragers please. I would also prefer no outside shoes in the apartment. Other than the noise and no shoes in the apartment, I’m pretty flexible.

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