My name is Cameron and I just graduated from Carleton College this past June. I recently started working for the Collegiate School as a Development Assistant, where I report to the Director of Development and will work collaboratively with all members of the development team to fundraise for the school. What I also really like about my job is that I get to work directly with the school’s Diversity & Equity Director. Together we work to plan the school’s diversity and equity initiatives and events. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends and go out with them on the weekends. I also like to play ultimate frisbee, read books, play video games, and cook when I get the chance. Having lived in Minnesota, I love hiking/canoeing and I can’t wait to explore the outdoor opportunities that upstate NY and the greater north-east hold. Sadly I am allergic to cats, but love dogs and would be open to inviting one into the home!

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk is that I’m easy going, approachable, and care about the people I who I live with. I’m happy to give people their space but I’m also there if they ever need anything. When it comes to cleanliness, I like to keep my things neat, organized, and out of peoples way. When I can, I love to cook and I’m always happy to share. Also, having worked with at HomeDepot in Highschool, I’m handy with tools if anything breaks down. I’ve had great experiences with roommates in the past and lived with roommates all 4 years of college.

Ideal roommate

When it comes to roommates there really aren’t a lot of deal-breakers. I’m open to any gender. My mom raised my sister and me, so I’m pretty used to living with women. Introverted or extroverted it doesn’t matter to me. Really, what’s important to me is that the people are generally friendly and excited to be living in New York. I’d like everyone to feel like they can invite friends over and that those friends would feel welcome. I don’t smoke, but I’ve lived with people who do. My only request is that they don’t smoke inside. If they want to smoke inside vaping is fine. Generally, I keep my things pretty neat, but I don’t mind others being messy as long as they control their mess to their own space. lastly, on weekdays I go to bed around 11-12. I don’t mind night owls, I use to be one myself, but if they could keep things quite after midnight that would be preferred.

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