Hi! I am Cara, I have lived all around New York City for 20 years. Raised on Long Island. I work all around the City as an Outreach health worker connecting the underserved with Case Management. I love it! I know every bodega cat in this great City. I am excited to live in a pet friendly apartment, as I myself intent to get a kitty.

Roommate Perk

Out and about 16 hours a day sometimes, so home not that often.. Clean but not obsessive about it (that is, I understand communal living and do not nitpick). always a good listener and shoulder to cry on. Tolerant, patient and kind.

Ideal roommate

I prefer to live with males, however open to anyone open and friendly. I prefer a quite environment with working professionals, as I’m older and have done all my partying all ready lol.

Apartment applying for