I am 30 years old and originally from Ohio. I am an animal lover and cat owner to the adorable Evie (who will mainly stay in my room). I work in Theatre as a professional Dresser, Wardrobe Assistant and I sometimes do over hire work as a Costume Technician in Theatrical Costume Shops around the city. As a result my work hours can vary but I mainly work evenings and weekends. My job is so loud and chaotic that I prefer my room to be a quiet escape from that. I am fairly quiet and keep to myself though that won’t stop me from watching movies and hanging out with my roommates. In what little time off I have I like walking, hiking, reading and sewing. I love cooking but due to my job hours I don’t get a chance to do so a lot.

Roommate Perk

Perks-I occasionally get free tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows, as well as industry events, such as opening and closing night parties. I am also very handy and can fix just about anything unless it’s plumbing related; I love fixing/repairing things if I have the time.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone who doesn’t play loud music or bring any party home, really ever. Keeping areas such as the bathroom and kitchen clean are a must. Because I have a cat I am not too keen on having roommates who have larger dogs but other than that I love animals! Due to my work schedule I would prefer to have roommates that are relatively during the day but can work around that to a certain extent. Lastly open communication between everyone about important things like utilities, guests and more is a must.

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