I’m from Westchester, NY and have grown up with NYC basically in my backyard – I know the city pretty well so I’m excited to finally live there officially! I work at a tech start up and it’s really fun! I get to go to a ton of events and get a lot of cool free stuff! I’m a super, super active person and I genuinely enjoy working out and I’m always opened to try something new! My job is fairly demanding so I live by the work hard, play philosophy! I love love dogs but, obviously do not have the time to have one while working!

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk is a get a lot of free stuff from work which is pretty cool! I’m also really good at baking! I’m also a great listener and would do anything for my friends!

Ideal roommate

Ideally I would live with a female who is my age or a little older, and they like going out and having fun but are also happy to sit on the couch some nights and relax. I’m fine with overnight guests as long as they’re quiet and respectful, so I would hope I could find a roommate who feels the same way! I would be happy with someone who isn’t home a ton but also would love someone who becomes more of a friend than just a roommate!

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