Hi : ) my name is cashonee people usually just call me cash! I’m originally from the bronx but have lived all over the boroughs. My ethnic background is puerto rican and half black. Currently i’m a porter at a residential building but when i’m not working i’m usually singing! I like to write songs here and there or you can usually find me outdoors exploring. I’m pretty chill and welcome any vibe.

Roommate Perk

I love baking ! My favorite thing to make is banana bread or any sweets really. If you’re in need to vent i’m also a great listener and find it easy to connect to others emotionally. I’m into pretty much anything so we can have plenty of discussions but i’m also good at picking up if you need your space so i got you 🙂

Ideal roommate

Ideally i would like someone who respects the space in terms of cleanliness. I’m a very organized clean person and would like my roommates to be. In terms of personality i’d like them to be understanding and kind but also fun and upbeat.

Apartment applying for