Hello! I’m Cassie; I’m living in Delaware with my parents right now, but I grew up in New Jersey and am very familiar with NYC. I am a graduate from Columbia University’s MFA Writing program and I’m currently working on a novel to submit for publication. I like to write, read, and just consume stories in general, regardless of the media they’re coming in. If I haven’t done at least one of those three things in a day, my day feels incomplete. I’m also learning how to draw and like taking long walks.

Roommate Perk

I’m quiet, but I’m also playful and like to get to know people. But if you want space, I can also give you that. When it comes to shared spaces, I’m always very tidy; I keep my messiness ( which is never includes food or other gross things ) to my own space. Also if you ever need help with anything writing-related, I can help out there. Also book recommendations- I’ve got plenty!

Ideal roommate

I’m open to all genders; the important part is that they’re tidy when it comes to at least shared spaces, considerate, and respectful. Also, it would be nice if they were LGBTQ+ friendly too.

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