Hi all, my name is Cassidy (she/they) and I’m a recent college graduate starting my first year of teaching at The Chapin School. I grew up in Boston, but went to college in WA state. In my free time, I like to rock climb and bike and take walks. I’m friendly and social and am happy to hang out and get to know each other. That said, I also love alone in my room after a long day of work and am happy to keep to myself. I’m a clean person who prefers having tidy and clean communal spaces. I may invite the occasional friend over for dinner and my girlfriend might stay over once in a while but for the most part, company would be minimal and dependent on everyone’s comfort levels.

Roommate Perk

I’ll be out of the house a lot (working 7-5pm most days) and am a a very clean roommate when I’m home. I’m happy to share my things (kitchen supplies, etc.), but am also respectful of others’ boundaries and things. I’m generally quite flexible and easy-to-live with. I’ve lived with many roommates, both strangers and good friends, and have never had any issues.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommates are women and non-binary people who are clean and lgbtq-friendly.

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