My name is Cedani and I am in my mid-20s. Originally from South Florida, I moved to New York City last year after graduating college with a BS in Fashion Merchandising. I currently work as a Assistant Production Manager in the fashion/retail industry. I have lots of interests that vary from food and traveling, to sports like Football (went to a BIG college football university). I’m also a big fan of movies, whatever the genre. I enjoy going out with friends but I don’t bring the party home. I love meeting people so I’m hoping to be cordial/social with my roomies.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperks is that I am a great listener, even better advice giver. Love to cook and share.

Ideal roommate

Gender doesn’t matter to me as I’ve lived in all-girl apartments and have also lived in mostly male apartments before. Personality is someone who is kind, positive energy, and doesn’t mind a quick chat if we both happen to be in the “public” area. Need cleanliness, a clean freak isn’t needed but just someone who will pick up after themselves.

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