We are a couple, Chelsea & Brad. Chelsea is originally from Richmond VA, Brad is from St. Louis MO. We met while Chelsea was in school at SCAD in Savannah GA. Now we live in NYC, Chelsea works in midtown as a graphic designer for a fashion company. Brad works as a flight attendant at LGA airport. For fun we like to explore new places in NYC or travel when we have the time. We don’t have any pets.

Roommate Perk

We are friendly, pretty laid back, and easy to get along with. We like to have a pretty chill and quiet home life where all roommates can feel comfortable. We prefer to keep the apartment clean (we have a robot vacuum!) and would like to find someone who equally cleans. Brad travels a lot for work (flight attendant) and brings back free first class snacks 🙂 It would be great to find a roommate who we would enjoy chilling with every once in a while 🙂

Ideal roommate

We are looking for a roommate who likes to keep the common areas clean. It would be awesome to find a roommate that is social but also respectful of space. Good communication is also key to being a good roommate.

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