Hi there, I’m Chelsea. I’m originally from Michigan but moved New York about 5 months ago. I lived in New York previously where I interned at NYP hospital. After that I lived in Orlando for 3 years, then Raleigh for about 2 yrs. Currently, I’m the lead dietitian at an outpatient treatment center for eating disorders in Chelsea. My job is really stressful but I love working with eating disorders. I have a cat named Bugsy B. Cooltime, he’s an orange tabby and oh so lovable. He loves people and playing and eating and frankly acts more like a dog than a cat. He DOES shed and have claws and likes to claw at things (i.e. furniture, just giving you that full disclosure). I currently live in Harlem/Hamilton Heights and I really love the area. In my free time, I like watching TV, running, cooking, napping, and exploring the city. My personality is pretty laid back, sarcastic, and friendly. I do not smoke (anything) but I do drink occasionally, but don’t really party let alone bring the party home.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommate perk is that I work a lot so I’m not home and when I do I keep to myself. My cat is a perk if you like cats, if not then maybe then maybe it’s not much of a perk. I like cooking and I am actually pretty good!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be
– Female (or at least 1 female if there are multiple roommates)
– Late 20’s early 30’s
– Cat friendly (he can co-exist with dogs as long as they aren’t small dogs. He doesn’t get along with small dogs)
– Friendly but not overbearingly friendly (if we get along and become good friends thats awesome but mainly just looking to co-exist with someone)
– Clean, respectful, and doesn’t have a lot of stuff (unless theres a lot of storage)
– Steady job/income
– Ability to pay rent and utilities
– Job outside of the apartment (no working from home)
– Communication (guests, when you’ll be out of town, how much certain bills are end when they are due, etc)
– Similar interests
– Sarcastic, good sense of humor, ability to take a joke
– Understanding of basic social cues
Deal breakers: smoking of really any kind inside the apartment (if you smoke occasionally on your own time thats different but I really don’t like the smell of cigarettes, pot, vape, etc), any type of illegal drug use, small dogs, apartment more than 0.5mi from the subway, shared bedroom, loud music throughout the night, frequent random overnight guests, working from home daily

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