Hey my name is Chris, but everyone calls me Night/Knight. I don’t mind either and they’re both nicknames with backstories. I’m an all around social person, who typically gets along with all types of people. I’ve worked two jobs for many years now. I work with kids in after school programs, and I teach people how to be “ninjas”. I teach and practice Parkour, tumbling, trampoline, American Ninja Warrior, fitness instructing, stunts, etc. in Brooklyn. When it comes to roommates I work in a few different ways. If you’re social, than I’m social. If you’re quiet and prefer to be left alone, than I’m less social. If you need a favor, I’m here to help. I’ve lived with all women and mixed houses so I’m accustomed to all types of living situations. I could write a novel here but I’ll leave the rest to be discovered!

Roommate Perk

I’m super adaptable and helpful. If you sleep early, than I’ll be quieter. If you have company, I’ll say “hi” if you want me to! 🙂

Ideal roommate

I generally do not have preferences. I do get along with women more, but again I’m super friendly and social to all peoples.

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