I’m from Chesapeake, Virginia. I moved to New York to attend grad school at Sarah Lawrence College. I work as a literary agent and a college professor. I’m a published writer (both in comics and poetry). I’m often writing when I’m home. I also love playing the guitar (but I don’t play very often). I love going to movies, concerts, plays, museums.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m a great listener. I open up easily and I’m never passive aggressive.

Ideal roommate

I’d be happy living with a person of any gender identification. Most of my close friends are women. I usually get along with women better, but totally have great friends who are men as well (most of whom are more creatively inclined). I’d say having pets would be a dealbreaker, simply because i have two cats and they wouldn’t do well with another cat. (Maybe a dog). I don’t smoke, so would prefer to live with a non-smoker.

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