My name is Christian Santos, a recent graduate of Alfred State College and current CSS Electronics fabricator at IBM (through contract with LJ Gonzer).

I’d be moving from Hartsdale, Westchester county, only because once my rental agreement with my current apartment is done, i expect the renewal rental price to be higher.

I am easygoing most of the time, and at most times respectful of surrounding environments and am also quick to fix any very slight behavioral flaws. I don’t have my IBM job to do at any given day or hour, but how I “chill” otherwise is usually to myself on the internet.

Oh and on a rare occasion, I also like to draw character designs so I can get pretty artworks of them from others online.

Roommate Perk

I would love to learn to cook and would be very open to take a shot at cooking for the whole unit.

Ideal roommate

Anyone is good for me just as long as they don’t leave any mess that they don’t clean too often…that, or they’re otherwise consistently loud too late at night

Apartment applying for