I am originally from Massachusetts but have lived in Manhattan for the last 3 years. I am a management consultant and travel out of state during the week Monday-Thursday evening. I love traveling and exploring new places, spending time with friends, hang out in central park, watching sports games, cooking reading and Nextflix and chilling. I am easygoing, respectful and clean up after myself.

Roommate Perk

good listener, love to travel, not home during the week, enjoys a good happy hour

Ideal roommate

I am open to living with any gender and any amount of roommates. I would like a roommate(s) also in their mid-late 20s, similar to me. Personality preferences include being easy-going, clean and respectful. I do not want them bringing the party home with them at night, but certainly, do not mind them going out or coming back late. I would like the roommate to be comfortable with friends stopping by. I do not have to be best friends with my roommate but I would like to have a relationship where we can grab dinner, drinks, chill in the apartment or do some NYC activities together.

Dealbreakers: pets, rude and messy

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