I’m 21, an avid gym guy and rugby player with Villagers. I am also an acting student and love music in any form. I play piano fairly well, and am trying to learn the guitar. I model occasionally though am working on that. I’m South African so sunshine and braais (I think you call them BBQ?) are two of my favourite things.
I am engaged to a girl called Iona, who is moving to Washington to study and will come and stay with me on the odd weekend and holiday.

Roommate Perk

You will always have a gym buddy or someone to just hang out with and shoot the breeze. Oh and I make a mean chicken dinner!

Ideal roommate

Honestly I am super easy-going. I don’t mind if you are male or female, black or white, straight or not. I love animals, and may make your pet fall in love with me if you have one.
Only deal breaker for me is that I am not interested in having addict room-mates and I don’t want to babysit anyone. Having just spent a year in student housing, I am entirely tired of looking after kids who drink and drug themselves into crazy-town.

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