Hi, My name is Chutima but you can call me “Ploy”. Im from Thailand. I’ve been live in New York for 7 years. Im a study and working at Thai Restuarant in Yorkville. I kind of quite if I don’t know you before but Im easy going person,fun as my friend said. My schedule is rough, I mostly at school and work. My day off are Monday – Tuesday. I like to cook and make some drink if you would like some. I actually stay in my room, watching Netflix, Hulu, playing games or read some books. I like to talk with ppl as well but because of my schedule sometime I get home and already tired. Anyway, if you know me I wish you will like me, let see.

Roommate Perk

Love to clean after themselves, respect people on their own space, easy going, like to cook and drink, watching Movies as a plus.

Ideal roommate

I don’t mind any gender, age or else as long as they are respect me as a roommate. I like to talk so you can talk to me everything you want to. and as long as they are clean. We are good!!

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