Originally from Delaware, I’ve that has lived in New York for 18 yrs. I work at a gift and stationary company in midtown, which is a lot of fun! I mostly enjoy reading. And, when I have the time, I also enjoy trying really good restaurants. And I always happy to get into a new show, when I can.

Roommate Perk

If you’re ever in need of last minute gift, come to me. I can probably help you out.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone that keeps the shared common areas clear of clutter, and clear of anything that can attract roaches (ie: doesn’t leave a lot of food or dirty dishes out for more than a few hrs). They are also polite and civil to the other roommates, even during a conflict. It would also be ideal if the other roommates had their own lives. I don’t mind becoming friends with my roommates. But I’m really just looking for a clean, safe place to lay my head. I don’t need roomies that will become my besties.

My deal breakers are:
Anyone that has any type of hoarding tendencies, especially in the shared spaces. Anything I put in a shared space, like the freezer, I regularly use up. So I want roommates that do the same.

A person, that essentially moves their significant other into the apartment. Or really anyone who has a lot of extended overnight guests.

Controlling people, whose idea of compromise is to just get the other roommates to do everything their way.

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