I am born and raised in Brooklyn New York, currently living in east Flatbush. I am 21 years old, currently a college senior graduating in May 2022. Some things I like to do for fun would vary from either taking a nap, watching movies or shows, to going out for drinks, to eat, or just enjoy an afternoon or weekend to relax. I do not have a pet that I will be bringing but I do love cats.

Roommate Perk

I LOVE to bake, so upon request im willing to try whatever. I make brownies with all sorts of ingredients. I also work at a school so sometimes I may bring back supplies, or snacks that I don’t want to get thrown away. I also like to pick up snacks that I know everyone would enjoy! im a 24/7 snacker.

Ideal roommate

my ideal roommate is honesty someone who keeps a semi clean space, im not a nit picky person. At times I do like to be alone to myself but im down to have hangouts as well. If they want to go out to eat or even for a simple walk im more than open to it. I want to make the person living with me as comfortable as possible.

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