I’m from the city of Chicago, worked in sales for years but studying language education to teach.  I read much on American history, psychology, art and design because I love doing sketches as well.  I like working out but it’s more about being the best version of myself than vanity.

Roommate Perk

My biggest perks are that I am social but not noisy and exceptionally clean.  I can assure that I’m not the slob who doesn’t take care of his dishes or the trash.  I’m always encouraging and trying to empower others around me, so I’m a strong listener and people have usually looked to me for moral support.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone upbeat, responsible and mature, not someone that is into partying 24/7, drunkenness and noise at home. I prefer someone clean–doesn’t leave food out, dishes washed the same day, doesn’t let trash overflow, wipes up and leaves no mess for others–who has a life for himself/herself.
The obvious deal-breakers are eating my food, using my things or going into my room without my permission, stealing, etc. Otherwise, I’d enjoy a bright, smart and informed roommate who’s fairly openminded, and likes his or her own space and privacy!

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