Hi, I’m Craig, a recent college graduate (2023), current High School Physics teacher, and, if all goes well, soon-to-be law student (applying in the Fall)! I work for a school in Northern New Jersey, and have lived on the Upper East Side for the past 9 months or so. I’m hoping that this move will cut down a little on my daily commute. In my free time I love to run, rock climb, read, and play chess (I’ve recently enjoyed pick up basketball and soccer as well).

Roommate Perk

Always willing to lend a hand with dishes/cooking, and really enjoy cooking for other people

Ideal roommate

Cleanliness/community-oriented attitude toward keeping the space is a must. I think I tend to be more cleanliness-minded than most guys my age, and I’d really prefer not to always be picking up after others, especially in the kitchen (I’d prefer there be a roommate contract of some sort before move-in to get ahead of potential problems). As far as personality goes, I’m quite personable! I love meeting and hanging out with the kinds of people I wouldn’t normally run into.

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