I grew up in Wilton, CT but identify more with Portland, OR where I went to school. I’m currently a lab technician at Columbia University working on stem cell models for the human brain. For fun, I play and watch soccer and other sports, bike through the city, go out for drinks with friends, go to the gym, watch netflix, learn french, play guitar/piano, or tend to my houseplants. I don’t have a pet but I grew up with dogs and cats and I’m always entertaining the idea of adding a friend to the family. I’m a really easy going guy who’s always down to chat or hang and do things with the people around me but will also respect personal space.

Roommate Perk

My roommates perks are that I’m a great cook and have experience in kitchens and restaurant. I’m a really good listener and communicator which I think can be helpful with roommates. I think my greatest personality trait is making everybody feel welcome in a space.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate could be any gender – having diversity between genders in the space is healthy i think. They are respectful, lighthearted, and fun. It’s important that they’re clean in common spaces but their rooms can be however messy they want. I think it’s a dealbreaker when their mess comes into the common space relentlessly.

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