Hi! My name is David Fernandez. My pronouns are he/they. I am 20 years old turning 21 in September. I am a libra and I am a senior at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology.) I study fashion business management. I currently work in SoHo at an Israeli company called Adika. I enjoy music, thrifting, watching movies and tv shows, traveling, dancing, playing video games, drinking socially, hanging out, etc. I love plants and taking care of them. I also do colorguard professionally during the summer and winter. Colorguard is a dance ensemble focusing on performance aswell as dancing and spinning/twirling a rifle flag or sabre. I would love to show my talent to anyone who is curious or doesn’t know about colorguard. I do not currently have a pet but might want one in the future. I consider myself an introvert and an extrovert. I’m a Libra so I have to keep my balance, haha. Also I’m 420 friendly.

Roommate Perk

Respectful of others and their privacy as well as belongings. I will always clean up after myself in common areas. I also love having a good time and would welcome my roommates to have a great time with me.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate can either be male or female or non-binary. I would love people of the LGBTQIA+ but not a deal-breaker. Personality-wise ideally someone who can be social and outgoing when needed but also knows when to be quiet and respectful. They must be able to clean up after themselves. Deal breakers would have to be someone who is constantly grumpy and unmotivated. I would absolutely love to surround myself with hard working individuals.

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