I currently work full time as a teller at Citibank and part time as a cashier. I love watching movies both at home and in the theaters. I’m pretty laid back for the most part and will keep common areas tidy. I’ve had many different roommates in college, high school, and shared a room with my sister my whole life so I can live with pretty much anyone.

Roommate Perk

I have online access to almost all the movie channels (starz,hbo,Netflix, etc) and I’m willing to share😁.

Ideal roommate

I’d prefer all female roommates but I’m not completely opposed to a male roommate. I’m open to not too big dogs. I don’t mind how people keep their rooms but would like for common areas to be on the tidier side. Ideally my roommates and I would become really good friend that hang out together but I’m also okay just being acquaintances with a mutual respect.

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